Between 1993 and 1996, 42 Renault PR100.3 buses were delivered to ACTION. All of these buses sport the Austral Denning “Starliner” body (from Brisbane), but there were 5 distinct varieties of these vehicles.

The first bus to be built was Bus 991 (build date: June 1993) – it was powered by Compressed Natural Gas. A second CNG bus, Bus 990 was delivered in 1994. These buses are also referred to as PR100.3NGV. Both of these buses were later converted to run on diesel and were eventually withdrawn from service in 2014.

Following 991 were 4 prototype PR100.3s – 992 to 995 – built in 1993. Buses 996 onwards used a new Euro II spec engine and had upgraded brakes. These buses remained in service until 2020.

In June 1994, Bus 113 was built as a prototype wheelchair-accessible bus with step-less entry and electric ramp. Differing from 113 due to a modified interior and plug doors, Buses 126 to 131 were a further 6 wheelchair-accessible buses (built in 1996). These 7 buses are also referred to as PR100.3a. These buses were later converted to remove the interior wheelchair bays. Buses 126 to 131 were withdrawn by 2016, Bus 113 was withdrawn in 2020.

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