BUS 518 (1)

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Bus 518
Chassis MAN SL200
Depot --
Entered Service 1978
Removed from Service August 1994
Desto Equipment Roller Blind
VIN 29201100110
Body CAC Australia
Body Number MAN110
Body Date 16 December 1977
Seating B42D
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 518

Bus 518 was a MAN SL200


  • It was first registered on 31 January 1978
  • Bus 518 was fitted with the first production model AES farebox on 28 February 1978.
  • Bus 518 was the first bus in Australia to be fitted with internal retarders.
  • Bus 518 was the first ACTION MAN SL200 to adopt standard features seen in the rest of the SL200 fleet - a fully imported driver's seat, improved ventilation, modification to the driver's cabin door and the luggage compartment, a redesign of handrails, adjustment of the nearside route number box, and roof level clearance lights to the rear of the bus.
  • Bus 518 was the first bus delivered to the Department of the Capital Territory with internal and external fleet numbers applied by the manufacturer.
  • Until 2005, it operated for Campbell's Coaches Townsville (997 COC)
  • As at March 2009, this location of this vehicle is unknown