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Bus 712
Chassis Volvo B5RLEH
Depot Tuggeranong
Entered Service 29 August 2017
Removed from Service --
Desto Equipment Mobitec white LED displays
with Hanover DG3 controller
VIN YV3T8R928FA171565
Body Bustech "VSTH"
Body Number 15/150
Body Date Sep 2015
Seating B44DW
Climate Control Spheros REVO-E
Bike Rack Sportworks DL2 (black handle)
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 712 is a Volvo B5RLEH Diesel-powered parallel hybrid (Euro V plus EEV) evaluation bus, based at Tuggeranong Depot. It is wrapped in a Special Livery - "I'm Hybrid Electric".


  • Bus 712 is leased from Volvo Buses until end of September 2018. It is one of three evaluation alternative energy buses, the other two being BYD Toro plug-in electric buses (Buses 710 & 711).
  • It has previously been registered as (NSW) CH-72-QB
  • Bus 712 was delivered to Tuggeranong Depot on 29 June 2017.
  • This vehicle was delivered in the standard Transport NSW blue-and-white livery, but was wrapped in a special livery before entering service.
  • Bus 712 was first registered in ACT on 14 August 2017.
  • It was launched to the media on 25 August 2017.
  • In October 2017, its Mobitec destination controller was replaced with a Hanover DG3. The Mobitec white LED displays were unchanged.
  • From 26 February 2018 until the week of 26 March 2018, Bus 712 operated without a bike rack.

Special Livery

Photo.png "I'm Hybrid Electric" (Volvo Buses/Transport Canberra) - ~12 August 2017 to current



Diesel Engine: D5F215 4 cylinder turbo diesel 4.76 litre Euro V / EEV. 161 kW (216 HP) @ 2200 RPM, 800 Nm @ 1200-1700 RPM

Electric Motor: Max power 120 kW (161 HP). Max torque 800 Nm

Energy storage: Lithium-Ion battery. 600 V. Capacity 4.8 kWh

Transmission: Volvo AT2412D I-Shift Automatic gearbox, 12 forward gears, 4 reverse

Source: Volvo Buses B5RLE Hybrid (PDF)