BUS 991

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Bus 991
Chassis Renault PR100.3
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service 2 July 1993
Removed from Service ~ 16 July 2014
Desto Equipment STC Cannon
VIN VF6PS08A200000526
Body Austral Denning "Starliner"
Body Number D603250
Body Date 06/1993
Seating B49D
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 991

Bus 991 was a Renault PR100.3


  • Bus 991 was ACTION's first PR100.3 and their first Natural Gas powered bus.
  • Its engine was a Renault diesel engine converted to run on CNG by Transcom Engine Corporation. It was later modified using CNG cylinder heads supplied by Renault.
  • In 1993, Bus 991 travelled to Canada to feature in the World Natural Gas Vehicle Conference.
  • During 2007, 991 and sister unit BUS 990 were withdrawn from service at Tuggeranong Depot to have their natural gas systems removed and undergo conversion to run on diesel. This also required the removal of the roof mounted gas cylinders and pods, and repainting into corporate livery.
  • Once the conversion to diesel was complete it was transferred to Belconnen Depot.
  • Bus 991 was fitted with a DL2 bike rack on 28 September 2011.

All Over Advertising History

  • NGV Natural Gas an Alternative Fuel - Date Unknown - Livery Purple and Green (With white clouds) with "This bus run on Compressed Natural Gas" above the windows and "Natural Gas..an alternative fuel" written along it
  • AGL Natural Gas - ? until November 2007 - Blue with clouds, and three large clouds in the shape of the AGL Australia-Flame-Light Globe logo with writing "This Bus is Powered by AGL Natural Gas for a cleaner environment" followed by the AGL logo on all sides
  • Westfield Belconnen - 28 March 2011 until 5 April 2012 -- White with "A Beautiful New Belconnen" slogan