NXTBUS - Real Time Passenger Information System

Started by Barry Drive, July 10, 2013, 03:24:42 pm

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Sylvan Loves Buses

I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this, but the NXTBUS Kiosks have been active up lately.

All from what I've checked, Tuggeranong's, Woden's and the City's NXTBUS kiosks no longer have their NXTBUS working. Like thy still connect to the wifi and everything, but pressing on the NXTBUS will load to a blank screen. Does anyone know if ACTION knows about this and are trying to fix it?
Not really much point in calling them NXTBUS kiosks if their NXTBUS doesnt work ::) ::)


The on-board display and audio would be particularly useful to inform passengers of disruptions. Unfortunately this does not seem to be happening. Worse it is offering incorrect information too often.

By example, Westfield, Belconnen Bus Station was pre-planned closed for a week and by-passed with no tempoary stop. On five trips the on-board system continued to include Westfield as if operational. Very misleading. Then, just as I was thinking this was it, on the sixth trip, leaving the Community Station the Cohen St Station was announced with no mention of Westfield. Then back to as it was before.

So what is the problem and why is it inconsistent. Is the system too complex, the operators insufficently trained, apathy, ......? Whatever, it is an opportunity being missed for good customer service, and in the Westfield case,  particularly poor customer service of misleading information despite it being in the easiest category of a long pre-planned interruption to normal service.

Sylvan Loves Buses

You should have a play of the last remaining NXTBUS Kiosk at Woden, it has its uses for finding out what bus is actually coming soon (unlike the screen above which'll show whatever it feels like and not all of what it's suppose to). But the main thing that's probably the another reason they were removing them is that it's slow - as in it shows when buses are coming, but later than real time. It was 8 minutes slow last year, and now it's 14 minutes lol.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Has anyone else noticed the bug in the screens on routes 65 and 171 recently? The one that's not showing the times for each point. Been that way the past week now, but only on those two routes so far that I've noticed.

Bus 503

I was on 672 last week and noticed that the driver's NXTBUS console was being projected onto the passesngers' NXTBUS board, so we (passengers) could see the driver's map and the lateness/earliness meter (+1:00 or -1:00 in green/red) instead of the usual list of stops and TC advertisements.