Alistair Coe MLA Media Release

Every ACT adult pays an extraordinary $321 every year for ACTION buses, whether or not they use the service, Shadow Minister for Transport Services, Alistair Coe, said today.

“For too long the Government has talked about improving the efficiency of the ACTION network, but these figures highlight just how much each voter is paying every year for a service government figures estimate only around 8 per cent of Canberrans use,” Mr Coe said.

“Every year Canberra taxpayers subsidise the ACTION network by approximately $80 million.  However the actual cost per capita, or per adult, really highlights the massive amount each ACT adult pays for a network that doesn’t suit the needs of many Canberrans.

The cost for ACTION services is:
Per person (total population) $226
Per person (adult) $321

“Given that the vast majority of Canberrans don’t use this service, questions have to be asked about the effectiveness and the efficiency of that service provided.

“Taxpayers money needs to be used wisely and clearly move needs to be done to improve the efficiency bus network so that more Canberrans are using the system,” Mr Coe concluded.

This page was last updated on 22 February 2011