Park and Ride sign at Mawson

Bike Racks

All ACTION Buses with the exception of the Dennis Dart SLF, Scania K320UB ‘Steer Tag’ and Renault PR180.2 and Scania K360UA Articulated Buses are fitted with bicycle racks. As of November 2012, 352 buses are fitted with racks.

Passengers may utilise bike racks on any service however there is no guarantee that every service will be run by a bus with a bike rack. Due to operational requirements, buses without bike racks sometimes run on the intertown routes.

Each bike rack can hold two bikes, and each bike can be loaded or unloaded at any time. Bikes are held in place by spring-loaded clamps.

Please note that as of 1 July 2009, Passengers utilising Bike Racks are no longer entitled to free travel.

Bike n Ride Rules:

  • Bicycle wheel size must be 22 inches (55 cm) or larger.
  • All loose items (e.g. water bottles, bags, bike pumps, helmets) must be taken off the bicycle before placing it on the rack.
  • Bicycle flags, baby seats and baskets are not allowed as they could restrict the drivers? visibility.
  • Bicycles are not to be locked on racks.
  • Racks are on a first come first served basis with a maximum of 2 bicycles per bus. No queue jumping please.
  • For safety reasons the bus driver is not required to assist with the use of the bike rack and should remain seated in the cabin while the passenger is loading or unloading their bicycle. The bus driver is not required to determine whether or not an auxiliary attachment is securely fitted to the bike, therefore baby seats, baskets front or back, flags or loose fitting items are not permitted.


  • Always make eye contact with the driver when using ACTION bike racks.
  • Always stay visible to the driver.
  • Be aware of traffic around you.
  • Always load and unload your bike from the bus-stop side of the road.

BIKE ‘n RIDE Limitations

  • Single rider, two-wheel bikes with a wheel size of 22 inches (55 cm) or longer, suitable for road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes.
  • The maximum width of the spring-loaded arm is 3 inches (7.5 cm). Bikes with front fenders, tyres wider than 3 inches (7.5 cm), front mounted horizontal racks or front mounted baskets will not fit.
  • Bike handlebars cannot extend more than 42 inches (105 cm) from the front of the bus.
  • Bike racks are designed to accommodate two-wheel, single-seat bicycles. Motorised cycles, tandems, tricycles, children’s bicycles, bikes with baskets or baby seats are not permitted on the bike racks.
  • Bikes with oversized wheels or frames may not fit fit on the rack. If in doubt, cyclists are encouraged to test the bike on the demonstration rack at the Onya Bike Warehouse, Lathlain Street Belconnen.

The Fine Print

Bike racks are dedicated to the Intertown Series 300. Passengers may use bike racks on other routes if available, and claim free travel. However ACTION does not guarantee bike racks on routes other than the 300 series.

  • Depending on operational requirements at times some buses on the Intertown route may not be fitted with bike racks.
  • ACTION accepts no responsibility for bicycles that are lost, stolen, damaged, or left on racks.
  • Customers use ACTION bike racks at their own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride for free with my Bike if there is no room available on the rack?
No. Bikes are not permitted on ACTION buses; therefore if the bike rack is full, you can either wait for the next bus or secure your bike at the bus stop and pay as a traveling commuter.

What size bike can I put on the bike racks?
The bike racks are designed for bikes that have a minimum wheel size of 22 inches (55 cm) or larger. Motorised cycles, tandems, tricycles, children’s bikes and bikes with baby seats and baskets are not permitted.

I arrive at a bus stop and there are already two people with bikes waiting, what happens?
Bike racks only have the capacity to carry two bikes at any one time. ACTION operates under a first in first served basis. No queue jumping please.

I arrived at my bus stop which is not an Intertown route, but there is a bike rack at the front of the bus. Can I use the bike rack?
Yes, if there is a rack on the bus, you may use it. Passengers may use bike racks on other routes if available, however ACTION does not guarantee bike racks on routes other than the 300 series.

Bike Rails

Bike rails are available across the network for patrons to secure their bikes to with a self-provided bike lock.

Rails are at the following locations:

  • Barton – Brisbane Avenue (Police College)
  • Braddon – Northbourne Avenue (near Wakefield Ave)
  • Bruce – College St (CISAC)
  • Bruce – College St (Radford)
  • Bruce – Haydon Dr (CIT)
  • Crace – Gundaroo Dr
  • Dickson – Northbourne Ave (near Antill St)
  • Downer – Northbourne Ave (near Phillip Ave)
  • Kambah – Athllon Dr (near Learmonth Dr)
  • Kingston – Railway Station
  • Kingston – Wentworth Ave (near Dawes St)
  • Ngunnawal – Horse Park Dr

Bike Cages

Bike Cages are secure, weatherproof cages with swipe card access. The cages feature drainage, security lighting and have space for 24 bicycles. Swipe cards can be obtained by calling Canberra Connect on 132 281.

Cages can be found at the following locations:

  • Belconnen – Community Bus Station
  • Harrison – Flemington Road near Nullarbor Avenue
  • Lyons – Melrose Drive
  • Mawson – Corner Mawson Drive and Athllon Drive

Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers are located at Bus Stations and major bus stops. They can be rented free of charge by contacting Canberra Connect on 132 281.

Lockers can be found at the following locations:

  • Belconnen: Cohen St Bus Station
  • City: City East Bus Station
  • Greenway: Tuggeranong Bus Station
  • Mawson: Corner of Mawson Drive and Athllon Drive
  • Woden: Eastern end of footbridge over Woden Bus Station and Northern side of Bowes Street.

Information on this page sourced from ACTION. Reproduced with permission.