Public Transport in Canberra (ACTION / Transport Canberra: buses and light rail) operates with a single integrated fare system.

Fares can be paid using the MyWay smartcard or by purchasing a paper ticket from a bus driver or a Ticket Vending Machine.


MyWay cards can be purchased from MyWay outlets, including Access Canberra service centres. They can also be ordered online. A fee applies to purchase a new card.

There are 6 main fare types for MyWay cards:

  • Adult (full fare)
  • Student (5 years and older attending Primary or Secondary school)
  • Tertiary Student (full time, attending an Australian tertiary institution)
  • Concession (includes health care card and pension card holders)
  • Seniors
  • ACT Seniors over 70 (eligible for free travel)

When travelling, passengers are required to tap on when boarding – either inside the door of the bus or at a validator on the platform at light rail stops. Upon exiting the vehicle, passengers should tap off the same way.

Fares charged by MyWay for single trips will be less than the equivalent cash fare provided the passenger correctly taps off.

MyWay cards can be topped-up using BPay, with an autoload direct debit request or in person at a MyWay agent or using a Ticket Vending Machine. Note that top-up requests through BPay or any other website or app will take 3-5 business day to apply the credit.

Paper tickets

There are 4 paper tickets which can be purchased:

– Adult single trip (with 90 minute transfer)$5.00
– Adult daily ticket$9.60
– Concession single trip (with 90 minute transfer)$2.50
– Concession daily ticket$4.80
  • Fares valid at 5 January 2019.
  • Concession tickets include student, tertiary student and seniors fares.
  • Proof of concession must be carried and shown to the driver or authorised officer on request.
  • Children under 5 travel free and do not require a ticket
  • ACT Residents 70 years of age or older are eligible for free travel at any time when using an ACTION Gold Card or Over 70s MyWay card.
  • For full concession rules, refer to Transport Canberra website as listed below.

These tickets can be purchased from a bus driver (cash only) or from a Ticket Vending Machine (cash or paypass/paywave).

Further details:

This page was last updated on 5 April 2021