Cohen Street Station

Cohen Street Bus Station opened in May 2009 as one of three stations which replaced the decomissioned Belconnen Interchange. At the time it was the only of the three stations which was to be permanent, before being joined by the Belconnen Community Station and Westfield Bus Station in 2010

Woden Depot

Initially, buses from Kingston serviced the new suburbs in Woden Valley. The first stage of the Woden Depot, housing 44 buses was completed on 16 April 1974. A second stage, also housing 44 buses was completed on 14 July 1975

Belconnen Depot

Although a public bus service to Belconnen commenced in 1967, it was not until 1979 that a depot was available in the new town. Problems with the design of the depot followed by budgetary restraints caused delays to the start of construction.