Media Release: Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

The ACT Government will consult the public on improvements to the current Civic bus interchange and a site for the new inner-Canberra bus layover, David Papps, Director-General of the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate said today.

“The consultation is part of a study to improve the current Civic bus interchange to increase its capacity and efficiency to meet future needs for more public transport,” Mr Papps said.

“The current bus layover on Marcus Clarke Street will be developed as part of the ANU Exchange and therefore a new site is needed where buses can park between journeys and drivers can prepare for proceeding journeys.

“The bus layover will need to cater for the growing number of buses as the network increases as part of the ACT Government’s policy of encouraging people to use public transport.

“A short-list of potential bus layover sites has been identified and will be open for community consultation for six weeks from 24 July 2012.

“Essentially, the choice for a main bus layover site is between an existing temporary car park on Territory land in Turner, corner of Watson Street and Barry Drive, and the car park opposite the CIT Reid campus, which is Commonwealth designated land.

“There is also the potential to supplement the Turner bus layover with a smaller bus layover in Braddon, along Mort Street.

“Another option is to have a combination of two smaller bus layovers – one in Turner and one in Reid servicing the city from east and west.”

Mr Papps said the bus layover site or sites had to be located to minimise the distances travelled by out-of-service and maximise the service time to bus patrons. Extra out-of-service travels add costs to running the buses and lead to more traffic congestion and emissions. The site would also need to fit with the local bus network and be easy to access.

“The proposed design of the interchange will take into account interviews with local businesses, government agencies and other stakeholders as well as previous studies and the projected City to Gungahlin rapid transit corridor along Northbourne Avenue,” Mr Papps said.

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