Due to industrial action by the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), there will be disruptions to this weekend’s bus services, James Roncon, Director, ACTION, announced today.

“The AMWU has placed a ban on overtime work which means that buses cannot be maintained or re-fuelled this weekend which cripples the bus service,” Mr Roncon said. “In order to minimise any disruption to Monday services a decision has had to be made to run a Sunday timetable on Saturday and cancel Sunday services.

“There may also be reductions in the number of wheelchair-accessible buses which run on Saturday due to difficulties in re-fuelling them.“

While ACTION management will themselves assist with re-fuelling buses on Sunday evening to try and meet the Monday morning peak, it is simply not possible to run bus services on Sunday and not impact on Monday’s services.

“This kind of industrial action is very disappointing. It will play havoc with commuters as it effectively does not allow bus drivers to drive buses. ACTION has been engaged in good faith bargaining with the AMWU over the proposed Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA). We meet weekly with them and have allowed AMWU members to participate in two paid meetings to discuss the proposed EBA.

“The proposed EBA is not designed to reduce worker’s rights, rather it will provide more employment options and also allow ACTION to improve its services and not be held to ransom by the fact it cannot have staff rosters which include weekend work. Simply put, if ACTION cannot get staff in the workshops over the weekend to repair and fuel buses it cannot have buses on the road.

“Another key goal of the bargaining negotiations is to review the span of hours worked in the workshops which will increase the ability to better manage the servicing of buses, particularly on buses required for the morning peak.

“Currently the operating hours are such that buses returning from the afternoon peak cannot be looked at for repairs until 5.30 am the next morning, which is just one hour before the morning peak commences.”

Mr Roncon said that ACTION will do its best to minimise disruptions on Monday.

“Due to the action we are taking over the weekend, we are not expecting significant disruptions on Monday however there will be some buses off the road. We will ensure school runs operate and that any dropped services are on bus runs which are quickly followed by another bus.

For more information on ACTION services please visit www.action.act.gov.au or call 13 17 10.”

This page was last updated on 7 April 2011