The ACT Government has gone out with a new public tender for construction works on the new Erindale Bus Station, Minister for Roads and Parking, Mick Gentleman, announced today.

Mr Gentleman said tenders were originally called for the project in October 2014 and closed in November 2014, but a suitable tender was not received.

“The two existing bus stops and passenger facilities on Comrie Street in Erindale will be upgraded to major stop standards, which will include new 12 metre long shelters,” Minister Gentleman said.

“Currently, the bus stops lack the capacity demanded by public transport services and their unwelcoming, outdated style does not support patronage, so a modern, user-friendly bus station will be installed.

“The Erindale Bus Station will provide increased space for buses, bike racks, comfortable seating sheltered from the elements and real time bus information displays. Construction work will involve the installation of a new bus shelter on the west side of the Erindale Shopping Centre and the replacement of the bus stop adjacent to this side of the shops.

“The new bus station will be able to accommodate four buses on each side at any point in time, which is important for the busy Erindale Centre which is currently serviced by seven bus routes each day which all drop off and pick up at the Comrie Street bus stops.

“The new bus station will revitalise the area and is expected to encourage greater patronage from the east and south east areas including Tuggeranong and the suburbs of Fadden, Chisholm and Isabella Plains. It will commence the shopping centre’s transformation into a new transport hub, better connecting it to other town centres and Canberra more broadly.

“Construction of the new bus station facilities in Erindale will also be compatible with plans for future public transport improvements including the redirection of additional rapid routes through Erindale.

“Infrastructure such as the Erindale Bus Station is key to making Canberra a more convenient and sustainable city and will help the ACT Government achieve the aim set out in the Transport for Canberra Plan to increase work trips using buses by 16 percent by 2026,” Minister Gentleman concluded.

Information about ACT Government tenders is available at

Media Release: Mick Gentleman MLA, 6 May 2015

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