ZIB 207 was a Volvo B58-50 with a Freighter Adelaide body. It was delivered to the Canberra Bus Service in February 1972 and entered service in April 1972.

Together with its sister unit ZIB 208, it was the first Volvo Citybus to operate in Australia and the first in the fleet with power steering, exhaust brakes and spring parking brake.

In 1973, Canberra Bus Service ordered six turbo-charged Volvo B58-56 buses with a Smithfield body which meant that buses 207 and 208 were to remain as a class of two vehicles.

ZIB 207 was retired from service in 1983.


  • Engine:        Volvo HD 100A
    • Swept Volume:        9.6 litres
    • Brake Horsepower:   175 @ 2200 rpm
  • Gearbox:      Wilson SCG four-speed semi-automatic with Monocontrol gear selector
  • Wheelbase:  5 000 mm
  • Length:       10 363 mm

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