Bus 262 was a Leyland National 10951/2R bus with body by Leyland National Company UK (Workington, England).

Bus 262 advertising Lennock Motors passes by the Center Cinema in Bunda St

It was delivered to Canberra Bus Service in 1974 and remained in service until 1990. ACTION were the first Australian operator of Leyland National buses and owned the largest fleet in the country.

Several of ACTION’s Leyland Nationals regularly featured all-over advertising. In 262’s case, it has featured advertisements for Lennock Motors, Hodgkinson Real Estate and Kodak Video.


  • Engine:        Leyland 510 (turbocharged)
    • Swept Volume:  8.2 litres
    • Power:             160 bhp @ 2000 rpm
  • Gearbox:      Wilson SCG four-speed semi-automatic with Monocontrol gear selector
  • Wheelbase:  5684 mm
  • Length:       10900 mm

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