BUS 853

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Bus 853
Chassis Renault PR100.2
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service April 1990
Removed from Service 7 July 2015
Desto Equipment BROSE Roller Blind
VIN VF6PS08A200000305
Body Ansair
Body Number R2085
Body Date Apr 1990
Seating B42D
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 853

Bus 853 was a Renault PR100.2


  • It was first registered on 12 April 1990
  • Following removal of its last AOA, 853 was repainted into the Mk2 livery - arctic green above windows, yellow fire (orange) below windows and a true blue skirt.
  • It was fitted with a DL2 bike rack in late February 2012.
  • During the week of 25 May 2015, it was loaned to Tuggeranong Depot.
  • Bus 853 was the last Renault PR100.2 Mk1 to be withdrawn from service.

All Over Advertising History

  • Photo.png Canberra Cannons - (Active in 1991) - Pale blue, with basketball players.
  • Canturf - January 1995 to January 1996 - Blue in colour, other details unknown
  • Photo.png Kahlua - (Likely) January 1996 to 14 May 2001 - Dark green with a cow on each side with bottles of Kahlua attached to their udders
  • Photo.png Yellow Pages - 14 May 2001 to 9 February 2002 - Yellow with references to ad categories and bus parts.
  • Photo.png Tuggeranong Hyperdome - 9 February 2002 to 2004 - Lavender in colour with store names and centre highlights.

Transfer History

Date From To Reason
4 Jul 1992 Kingston Tuggeranong Closure of Kingston Depot
Nov 2005 Tuggeranong Belconnen
Jul 2015 Belconnen Woden pending disposal
Aug 2016 Woden unknown