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Bus 490
Chassis Scania K230UB
Depot Tuggeranong
Entered Service 2 March 2010
Removed from Service June 2012
Desto Equipment Hanover LED
VIN YS2K4X20000552263
Body Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II"
Body Number 09/102A
Body Date Oct 2009
Seating B45DW
Climate Control ThermoKing LRT-III
Fuel Compressed Natural Gas
Gallery Album Bus 490
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Bus 490 was a Scania K230UB CNG demonstrator bus


  • Bus 490 arrived at Tuggeranong Depot on 9 February 2010.
  • Bus 490 was known as the 'Koala CNG Field Trial' Bus, as it was intended to be trialled by operators across Australia.
  • It was originally intended to be with ACTION for a duration of twelve months, but this was later extended
  • The body was built to ACTION Specifications, although it did not carry the full ACTION livery
  • It has an engine capacity of 8867ml across five cylinders.
  • Its engine number is 6322881
  • This vehicle was fitted with a Sportworks DL2 bike rack when it operated at ACTION.
  • Bus 490 remained with ACTION for over 2 years: it was removed from service at Tuggeranong Depot in May/June 2012 after having been out of service for several weeks.
  • It departed Tuggeranong Depot in July 2012.
  • According to Scania, the bus was a long-term factory field trial of the new CNG System on the 5 cylinder, 9 litre engine that has since been introduced to the market. It was nicknamed 'Koala' by Scania's Research and Development department in Sweden.
  • After departing ACTION, the bus returned to Scania's Head Office in Melbourne where it was decommissioned. Relevant trial components including the engine, fuel system, transmission and engine control units were removed and sent to Sweden for review by the Research and Development department. Some chassis components will be utilised in Scania's technical training school.
  • The remainder of the bus was delivered to Dyson's in Melbourne where it was stripped for parts.