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Bus 525
Chassis Scania K360UA
Depot Tuggeranong
Entered Service 8 May 2013
Removed from Service --
Desto Equipment Hanover LED
VIN YS2K6X20001881069
Body Custom "CB80"
Body Number ACTA525
Body Date Mar 2013
Seating AB65DW
Bike Rack Sportworks VeloPorter 2
Climate Control ThermoKing ASR 140 1004
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 525

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Bus 525 is a Scania K360UA 6x2/2 (Euro V plus EEV) articulated bus, based at Tuggeranong Depot.


  • Bus 525 arrived at Woden Depot on 5 April 2013.
  • It was the last of the original order of 20 Scania K360UA buses. The order was extended by a further 13 buses.
  • ACTION have named this bus "Quintero".
  • Bus 525 was fitted with a VeloPorter2 bike rack in the week of 22 May 2017.