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Bus 616
Chassis Scania K320UB
Depot Tuggeranong
Entered Service 28 October 2016
Removed from Service --
Desto Equipment Hanover LED
VIN YS2K4X20001899369
Body Custom "CB80"
Body Number D727-61
Body Date Sep 2016
Seating B48DW
Climate Control ThermoKing x1000-1004
Bike Rack Sportworks DL2
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 616 is a Scania K320UB 4x2 (Euro VI) based at Tuggeranong Depot.


  • Bus 616 was delivered to Tuggeranong Depot on 27 September 2016.
  • Bus 616 was fitted with a trial Mobotix CCTV system.
    • In mid 2019, the Mobotix system was replaced with a DTI system as used on all other CB80 bodies.
  • In apx September/October 2018, its VeloPorter 2 bike rack was replaced with a new DL2 (black handle) model.
    • In apx September 2020, it was replaced with a regular (silver handle) DL2 rack.