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Bus 671
Chassis Leyland Lynx
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service 18 June 1985
Removed from Service 31 October 1985
Desto Equipment Flip Dot
VIN B60 - P02
Body JW Bolton
Body Number --
Body Date --
Seating B39D
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 671 was a Leyland Lynx B60 evaluation bus


  • Its body was built by JW Bolton in Perth to Perth MTT specifications, including evaporative cooling.
    • It also featured flip dot destination equipment, with a full display on the left hand side, above the door.
  • Prior to operating for ACTION, it operated for MTT Perth between December 1984 and March 1985. It was (11) / 6YY 320
  • Its original hydracyclic transmission was replaced at Kingston workshops by a Voith D851.2 and it re-entered service on 23 August 1985 with considerable improvement in the vehicle's performance.
  • This bus may have been sold to Hornibrook Bus Lines (Clontarf Qld) by ACTION, but there is insufficient evidence to confirm this.
  • In 1987, after spending two years in storage, the vehicle was modified to have the centre door removed and the seating capacity increased from 39 to 45. The bus was then bought by Doug Lever (Lever's Coachlines). Its first permanent registration, ACT MO 14, occured on 30 August 1987 and it was numbered 114 in the Lever fleet.
  • When Lever's was taken over by Deane's Buslines in 1992 it was renumbered 62 and it was the first bus to carry DBL fleet names.
  • The evaporative cooling roof pod was removed and the roof rebuilt by ACTION workshops on 30 July 1993.
  • A new front, below the windscreen, was built by Everlast (Fyshwick) after an accident in Kingston in August 1995.
  • In May 2012, Deane's Buslines donated the bus to the Sydney Bus Museum.