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Bus 703
Chassis Renault PR180.2
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service 15 April 1988
Removed from Service 2007
Desto Equipment BROSE Roller Blind
VIN VF6PU04A200000006
Body Ansair
Body Number R1520
Body Date Feb 1988
Seating AB61FR
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 703 was a Renault PR180.2 (articulated bus).


  • Bus 703 was delivered to ACTION in February 1988.
  • Bus 703 was the first of the Renault PR180.2 articulated vehicles to operate a Route Service when it operated Route 435 from Belconnen to Barton on 15 April 1988
  • It was transferred from Tuggeranong to Belconnen around 1999
  • Bus 703 was an insurance write-off following a driveline failure incident in 2006. The incident resulted in major mechanical and structural damage being caused to supporting chassis structural members, associated pneumatic and electrical conduit runs as well as driveshaft and transmission components.
  • Following this incident, the bus was kept at the back of the Belconnen Depot and used for parts.
  • After an engine fire damaged the trailer section of Bus 724, the trailer of Bus 703 was removed and attached to the front of Bus 724 - the end result being that the front section of 703 and the trailer section of 724 were scrapped for parts, while the front section of 724 and trailer section of 703 re-entered service as Bus 724.
  • From early 2009 the front section of 703 was located at the Belconnen Fire Station for use in training exercises. It has since been scrapped.