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Bus 726
Chassis Renault PR180.2
Depot Tuggeranong
Entered Service 1989
Removed from Service 29 July 2013
Desto Equipment BROSE Roller Blind
VIN VF6PU04A200000020
Body Ansair
Body Number R1862
Body Date Aug 1989
Seating AB65FR
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album Bus 726

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Bus 726 was a Renault PR180.2 (articulated bus).


  • Bus 726 was the last of the Renault PR180.2 Mk1 buses.
  • Bus 726 was the only PR180.2 to have blue paneling behind the last window. All other PR180.2 Mk1 buses had white panels in this location.
  • Bus 726 was delivered to ACTION on 28 August 1989.
  • Bus 726 was sold by ACTION in February / March 2014.


Video.png Renault PR180.2 Articulated Route 60 Action Buses (10:47) – YouTube