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Bus 732
Chassis Scania N113CRB
Depot Kingston
Entered Service 1991
Removed from Service 5 July 1992
Desto Equipment STC Cannon Flipdot
VIN YS4NC4X2B01815962
Body Ansair VOV2
Body Number TH6073
Body Date May 1990
Seating B42D
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 732 was a Scania N113CRB evaluation bus.


  • This bus was built for MTT Tasmania, but was sold to ACTION as an evaluation vehicle.
  • It was the first kneeling bus with ACTION
  • In April 1991 the Roller Blind destination display was replaced with an STC Cannon Flipdot display.
  • Bus 732's last day of service (5 July 1992) was also the final day of operations of Kingston Depot.
  • Bus 732 was the second bus to depart Kingston Depot on its last day of operation.
  • Bus 732 is known to have operated from both Tuggeranong and Kingston Depots.
  • Metro Tasmania purchased the vehicle from ACTION in July 1992.
  • Its fleet number at Metro was 193 and it was registered as G 00518 and later MET 193.
  • It has since been withdrawn from service