BUS 914

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Bus 914
Chassis Renault PR100.2
Depot Belconnen
Entered Service June 1991
Removed from Service 25 February 2008
Desto Equipment Alcatel/STC Cannon flip-dot
VIN VF6PS08A200000436
Body Ansair
Body Number R2195
Body Date Jun 1991
Seating B43D
Fuel Diesel
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Bus 914 was a Renault PR100.2


  • It was first registered on 28 June 1991
  • On 25 February 2008, whilst on Route 44 on Beaurepaire Cres Holt, Bus 914 collided with a tree and electricity street box. The cause was not officially released. The one passenger escaped unharmed through the rear window and the driver was taken to hospital.
    • Photos of the bus at the accident scene can be viewed in our gallery.
  • Bus 914 was written off and used for parts.
  • The remains of Bus 914 were sold for scrap metal on 28 April 2009.