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C59351 - Matilda
Chassis AEC Regal III
Depot Fyshwick
Entered Service 1949
Removed from Service 1959
Desto Equipment Roller Blind
VIN --
Body Commonwealth Engineering
Body Number --
Body Date 1949
Seating B39D
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album C59351

C59351 is an AEC Regal III, which forms part of the ACTION Heritage fleet - stored at Fyshwick Depot.


  • The bus was delivered to the Department of Interior, who ran the then Canberra City Omnibus service, in 1949.
  • The bus was sold in 1959, being replaced by an AEC Reliance.
  • The information below relates to the 1949 AEC Regal III, known as 'Matilda', which is part of ACTION's Heritage Fleet.
    • The original registration of this vehicle is unknown, but based on its build date of 14 October 1949 it was part of the C.59351 - C.59362 series and has been designated as C.59351
    • The chassis number of this vehicle is 0682 213
    • After it left service in Canberra, the bus was purchased by Mr Ron Prior of Batemans Bay who used it to operate a service from the bay to Moruya, and later on a service between Batehaven and Batemans Bay Primary School. The bus was registered [NSW] MO 978.
    • In 1977 the bus was purchased by Mr Colin Gray, from Schofield NSW, who intended to restore the bus to its original condition.
    • No such work had been undertaken when ACTION purchased the bus in June 1979.
    • It has since been restored to original condition by ACTION engineers.
    • It was officially registered as ACT Historic Vehicle 611 (HIS611), but this registration has since lapsed.