MO 2609

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MO 2609
Chassis Leyland Tiger OPS2/1
Depot ---
Entered Service
Removed from Service 15 August 1974
Desto Equipment Roller blind
VIN 512243
Body ComEng
Body Number ---
Body Date 1952
Seating FB31FR
Fuel Diesel
Gallery Album MO 2609

MO 2609 was a Leyland Tiger OPS2/1


  • This bus was one of twelve hired from the Public Transport Commission of NSW at the time of the 1974 vehicle shortage. During their stay in Canberra they carried NSW metropolitan series 'MO' plates which matched their PTC fleet numbers. All 12 vehicles were new to the then NSW Department of Government Transport in 1952.
  • It had also been owned by McFee Constructions, Alexandria NSW