Macarthur & Oxley Future Service Changes

Started by Bus 400, March 04, 2009, 06:36:33 PM

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Bus 400

I have been told by a bus driver that ACTION are considering altering how the 61 goes through Oxley to make it safer & for a bus route to go through Jackie Howe Cr, Macarthur with a possibility of the 66 being altered to do a loop around Macarthur.

This has come about after a few ideas being put forward to ACTION in the last few weeks from drivers & residents.

Buzz Killington

What are the safety issues with Oxley? I assume perhaps turning out of Judkins onto Erindale?

I would've thought a better option would be to turn left off Soward onto Drakeford, right onto Taverner, right onto Newman Morris, do the full loop, back out onto Newman Morris...

Macarthur should really have a route down Jackie Howe. It's a bit thin in parts though IIRC

Bus 400

I know that some of the newer drivers don't really like turning right onto Erindale during peak hours. This is also the same case for the 66 to Woden turning right onto Ashley Dr & the 63 turning right onto Isabella Dr (but this may change when the Goodwin extention is complete & the bus may contiue through there & then up Clive Steele as per old 12 south to Tuggeranong.

I know one suggestion was for the 61 is for the bus to contiue  along Forlonge St, do the loop & turn right onto Wheeler Crescent & continue as per 61 to Tuggeranong & vice versa to Woden.

Irisbus Rider

As far as I know, Macarthur never had has a bus servce. Although, these days, it probably would be a good idea to service Macarthur. Although, the 66? Thats definately the long way round.

Bus 400

Well from what I've seen there is a constant flow of traffic along Coyne St which would hold the 67 up too much & the 66 is really a fill in route anyway