School Runs with Artics

Started by Buzz Killington, March 27, 2009, 05:33:31 PM

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Buzz Killington

Should we make a list?

Three I spotted today were the 401, 471 and 815

Bus 400

563 & 690 both have an artic from Tuggeranong Depot.

An easy place to find artics at at Canberra Girls Grammar in the afternoon, there are usually about 5-6 there around 15:15.


the 455 at alfred deakin is always an artic

Bus 400

424 (morning version of 815) is also an artic. Maybe this info could be added to the school route list?

Buzz Killington


480, 481, 488, 518, 520, 545, 554, 891, 893, 894 and 897.

Jack Bauer


Route 605 is always an artic. Before the Dec/Jan school holidays, my mate always drove the run (and always had the 725, mind you). Things are different this year, a different bloke is driving the run and I can't remember whether he has the 713 or the 715.


600 and I think two of the morning ones at my school has one, I know that one of the Gungahlin area services has one.   

Bus 400

401, 486, 470. I saw like 5/6 coming into Tuggeranong Depot, but forgot most of them.