Tuggeranong Depot and A Bollard stop on Soward Way

Started by Snorzac, May 24, 2009, 07:22:25 AM

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Took these a week ago:

First up is some buses at Tuggeranong depot

A bollard stop on Soward Way

The same stop, lol at all the writing on it

Buzz Killington

hahah, well it does say "Bus Routes that use this stop include"

Might be a better idea to list, oh i dunno.. ALL OF THEM?

Barry Drive

Is the graffiti correct? It wouldn't be the first time that the timetable info has been incorrect. I told ACTION about a few errors in the previous versions, but I haven't yet checked to see if they fixed it with the new timetables.

The stop at Kippax doesn't have any north-bound times, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Buzz Killington

The grafitti is incorrect. The 319 travels to the City via Soward (it comes out of Bonython, along athllon, right into Soward, left into Anketell and left into Tuggeranong Interchange before continuing on the intertown)

The 63, 65 and 67 all travel along Soward on Northbound services though, so that part is correct.

Bus 400

The graffiti has been removed. But the 63,65 or 67 haven't been added to the new timetable sign.