Terminus Terror Part 2 (Finally Complete)

Started by Bus 400, June 15, 2009, 07:24:47 PM

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Bus 400

339-Fraser West Terminus

941-Cooleman Court Terminus

343-Fraser West Terminus

972-Cooleman Court Terminus

808-Woden Interchange

326-Fraser West Terminus

821-Cooleman Court Terminus

903-Cooleman Court Terminus

Buzz Killington

Bus 400

I did the number override thing to get 333 up.


override thing? WTF is that?

Bus 400

Well when entering the data into those desto thingy ma bobs.

You enter the number for destination A, press ENT, do the same for B. You then have an option to enter a different route number for A & then B. Most of the time drivers can just press ENT & skip this step. I think I got all of that right.

So I entered the Redex code 333 & since no numbers show up with the Redex desto, I entered 333 in that final selection thingy. Surely one of the drivers you know won't mind showing you.


If they skip the step the desto will come up with no route number. You need to enter the route number.

Bus 400

Entering the number for destination A or B gives you the number. The second step overrides the route number.

So if I enter 780 for destination A & skipped the last step, 780 Fyshwick Xpresso would come up.

But if I enter 780 & then 900 in the final step, 900 Fyshwick Xpresso would show up on the desto. (I was going to go for a number other then 900).


I am sorry you have failed. If you only enter the data it will only show the data

Bus 400

Then how did I get 333 up on a desto that doesn't show a number?


you put it in as the route number! That is what I am saying.

Lets assume you are changing the desto your next 2 runs are a 313 and a 74.
1. Press enter
2. When prompted enter data A, enter the route 313
2. When prompted to enter data B, enter the route 74

If you leave it like this it will only show the destination

3. Now you will be asked to enter a route number for A.
4. Then a number for B

It is not an 'override' it is the route number!

Bus 400

But you can enter a different route number & have a different suburb. So you can have 981 Lanyon Marketplace


Am I saying that you can't do that?


Bus 400

I hope that there aren't any little kids on the forum, as next week there will be a big boy desto on one of the buses (hopefully).