'The Canberra Times' Fun Run Diversions

Started by smitho, September 12, 2009, 04:53:12 PM

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Signs appeared in Curtin and Deakin areas yesterday advising diversionary route for northbound Yarra Glen traffic (via Theodore, Carruthers etc) on account of closure of Yarra Glen to motor traffic between 0800 and 1100 tomorrow for the staging of the annual Fun Run....so the 900s may be running a little bit late for a while in the morning.

Bus 400

I have always wondered where do these service get diverted to?
But from what I remember with Commonwealth Ave traffic around Floriade, the 900's will be seriously late anyway.


Would be a good photo opportunity if you can get out there at that time...Im looking at Todd and/or John.

Buzz Killington

My guess would be Launceston / Melrose / Theodore / Carruthers / McCulloch / Cotter / Dudley / Novar / Alexandrina / Coronation / Commonwealth and then resume the normal route. Doesn't miss any stops that way.


For 900 services northbound, diversions between 0800 and 1200 were:-
L Launceston
L Melrose
R Hindmarsh
R Tuggeranong Parkway etc to Edinburgh
R London to East Row

For 900s southbound between 0800 and 1200:-
Adelaide Ave
Cont Yarra Glen
L Up ramp Carruthers
R Carruthers
L Theodore
R Marrawah
L Launceston 

Other diversions took place for Routes 932N, 934N, 934S, 938N, 938S, 980N, 923 & 924 Loops, 935N and 935S, again between 0800 and 1200.

Bus 400

That would of been fun for those after Floriade.