C of A Number Plates

Started by Sir Pompously, May 25, 2011, 04:17:34 PM

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Sir Pompously

Hi All,

Anyone know any specifics of the Number/letter system of the Z series C of A Plates? ACTION vehicles had ZIB-### with some being ZIH, Com Cars are ZYB-### etc. I  remember ACT Police having Z plates, but cannot remember the series they ran in. I am interested to see if there were any specifics in the way they were numbered, is ZIB just a coincedence that it is a Department of the Interior Bus (Hence IB), or did they just given them random series?

Barry Drive

Police were ZZA-, ZZB-

C of A plates no longer exist. Each state now issues their own Z plates, which is why you will now see ZYA-, ZYB- in the ACT - these are actually ACT plates.

Sir Pompously

Yeah I know about the newer ACT ZY plates, more interested in the older C of A plates! ZZA and ZZB, thanks for that! I would presume the ACT Fire Brigade also had C of A plates in federal days, much the same as all the other Government departments. The most we see now days are the ZY ComCars and some AFP vehicles (Protective service) that have the ACT Z plates.