City bus stop closures and route diversions

Started by Barry Drive, February 10, 2012, 11:44:34 AM

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Barry Drive

From today, there will be quite a few bus stop closures and associated route diversions. Most are due to the Multicultural Festival and others due to footpath/paving upgrades.

Taken directly from the ACTION website, here are the details:

London Circuit bus stop disruptions

Due to the Multicultural Festival, some bus stops on London Circuit (Commonwealth Bank, Legislative Assembly and the bus stop in front of building 221) will not be serviced from Friday 10 February to Sunday 12 February. Buses will divert around the opposite side of London Circuit, past the Magistrates Court.

Akuna Street bus stop disruptions

The City's Akuna Street bus stop is closed from Friday 10 February to Tuesday 14 February due to footpath maintenance. Check individual timetables for the nearest serviced bus stop.

Legislative Assembly bus stop closure

London Circuit Legislative Assembly bus stop is closed from Friday 10 February until further notice due to footpath maintenance. Please use the City Bus Station. Check individual timetables for platform details

Blue Rapid City diversions

From Friday 10 February all Blue Rapid routes (300, 312, 313, 314, 315, 318, 319 or 900) will divert around the western side of London Circuit (past the Magistrates Court) until further notice. The diversion is due to footpath maintenance.