Weston Creek firestorm relics

Started by smitho, May 12, 2012, 11:05:02 PM

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While taking The Hound for her annual vaccination at the Woden/Weston Vet on Dixon Drive, I noticed a very large unused car par to the west of the Vet's, bitumen surface now sprouting weeds and numerous goose neck light installations suggesting it was once an important carpark. Adjoining it is a block of land with evidence of buildings and gardens which were destroyed in the fires.

My question is, does anyone remember what facilities were located here? It must've been fairly significant judging by the size of the car park.

I know there was a lot of property destruction in this precinct (including the vet's original premises) but I've no recollection of what was located on this particular site.


Sorry up an old topic but doing a Google search has Apostolic Church Of Australia at the address (question is, is it pre or post the Canberra bushfire). Back in February there was an application for a Child Care Centre to be built on the site.


Work on the site has been under way for several weeks now. I'm told the buildings in the vicinity were definitely casualties of the 2003 firestorm. I recall that the fires also got very close to nearby St Judes church, Holder.