What are they building off Gungahlin Drive?

Started by ajw373, September 16, 2013, 06:40:42 PM

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As the title says what are they building? The building I am talking about is opposite the entry to Gold Creek Homestead next to the Nichols Oval.

I thought I had read it was going to be a retirement home, if that is what it is then it is the strangest one I have ever seen. The back end (facing towards the town centre) looks a bit like a loading dock you would find in a shopping centre with several 'docks' and the 'front' looks more like an office building.

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While I'm sure you're not talking about the Casey Group Centre or the new retirement village on the Gold Creek Homestead site. The only other planned building is the John Paul College campus.

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Thanks, doesn't look like a school either, but will take your word for it!

Barry Drive

From website for John Paul College: http://jpc.act.edu.au/aboutjohnpaulcollege/

It will be a Year 7-12 college. Currently Year 7 students attend the temporary premises at the Mother Theresa School in Harrison.


That is John Paul College and I know because I'm going there next year...