ACTION "fingerboard" bus stop signage

Started by Sir Pompously, December 09, 2013, 07:25:01 PM

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Sir Pompously

Went out few weeks ago to get some photos of various ACTION fingerboard signs, looking for the older double blue and yellow signs and the single yellow signs with differences. Of course these signs are being replaced for NXTBUS, it is a shame to see these older signs go especially after growing up with them however it is good to see bus stop signage being standardised across the ACT. I am quite fond of the older double blue and yellow signs, I do quite like the street names without the suffix which is very American in style. I wouldn't be surprised if that is where pre-self government ACTION got the idea from!

Scantlebury Cres double yellow sign

Noarlunga Cres "School Services Only"

Louis Loader Cres single yellow "fingerboard" minus street suffix

Double blue Scantlebury Cres sign

Double yellow Lawrence Wackett Cres

School Services Kingscote Cres with Yellow and Black peg

Knoke Ave with supplementary "Commuter Express" signage

Duggan Street double blue fingerboard, white and blue peg and a yellow and black blade.


Knoke has had new signage installed within the past several days; one "Commuter Express" fingerboard sign has survived at the northern end of Gordon.