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Started by Bus 400, May 19, 2012, 09:48:15 PM

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Bus 400

Lately I've been in a walking mood, first up are a few bus shelters within Civic.

First up is the shelter opposite the City Police Station.

As you will see in another thread, this is one of only 2 left in Canberra. This is the most up to date of the 2, the last one to be ripped out was at the Electricity House/Waldorf Stop. This one featured a faded 80 that previously extended to Woden via Fyshwick.

Next up is the City West Bus Station

Here we have the now disused by ACTION shelters on Allarra Street.

To finish off is one of the 2 new shelters outside the Commonwealth Bank on London Circuit:


Quote: Here we have the now disused by ACTION shelters on Allarra Street...

I can't remember these ever being used for scheduled ACTION services. Aren't they just there for charter type services to the White Industries Complex? (Hotel, Casino etc); as such they're not exactly 'disused'.

Buzz Killington

Last mention of regular services to use Allara Street that I can find is from Network 97 - Routes 301, 740, 741, 743, 750 and 751.

Sir Pompously

The new Adshel shelters on London Cct fit in quite well, but sadly they do not have the protection the old maroon shelters had! At the moment it looks as though the second panel (Inside) has been set aside for Advertising, I hope this does change to be like the Bus Station stops with timetable information.

Bus 400

Quote from: Bus 400 on May 19, 2012, 09:48:15 PM

This sign & pole have now disappeared. I hope it was just to be updated & the one on Constitution Avenue is still there.

Bus 400

This shelter opposite the City Police Station will be removed this week & replaced by mid December 2012.

Bus 400

The London Circuit shelter opposite the City Police Station has been relocated to the Fyshwick DFO stop.


It (the ex London Cct / Univ Ave shelter) has landed at DFO but is roped off as it has yet to be properly bedded in.