Bus Stops now open on Commonwealth Ave near Regatta Point

Started by Busfanatic101, May 19, 2015, 05:13:49 PM

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I had noticed today that the "(Floriade Only)" had been removed from the nxtbus screen of blue rapids, and the following from the ACTION's website confirms my suspicions
QuoteBus Stops now open on Commonwealth Ave near Regatta Point
The two bus stops on Commonwealth Ave will open permanently from Monday 18th May. This means it is now even easier to access Regatta Point and the new Westside Acton Park. In addition to this the traffic lights will also be switched on permanently for pedestrian safety.
These stops, ID 8888 and 8889, are serviced by routes 1, 2, 3, 80 and our Blue Rapid services. Both bus stops have pedestrian paths linking to the Commonwealth Avenue pedestrian lights, the Civic Cycle Loop and the R G Menzies walk around Lake Burley Griffin.
So ring the bell and hop off at the lake. You can find these stops using NXTBUS.

Should have happened long ago. Even so, might take some time to start working, with a passenger on my afternoon southbound 313 pressing the button for Albert hall a fair bit before the regatta point stop, and the driver not stopping there anyway.