896 on a rainy day

Started by Bus 503, September 06, 2015, 07:43:10 AM

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Bus 503

Yes, some of these photos of 896 have already been posted (only 2,) but as it is in the 8## series, it may be withdrawn soon so it might be nice to share them

Thanks for viewing. As always, feedback is welcome. (Yes, I did not use tight cropping this time.)

The Love Guru

The line up shot is good! If only the route 5 had its headlights on. Nice work. Could use a little crop though.

Buzz Killington

King of Buses

Well, these are actually pretty good  :D

I think the only one I'm not a fan of is the one where 896 is right to the right side of the image and the whole left half is practically empty. A bit more central (even if to the side still) would be a bit better would be my only suggestion. Congratulations!


a bit of rotation and cropping would be good for the second last one