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Started by 743, November 07, 2015, 07:39:07 PM

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On January 30, I'll have lived in Canberra for six years. I've been reminiscing this weekend and thought I'd go back through my photos from 2010. It's funny how much can change in a relatively short period!

21 February - Deane's Buslines Volvo B7RLE #43 (4558MO) on London Cct, City, in AirLiner livery. Not only is the AirLiner gone, but the advertisements for Brand Depot are just a memory, too - and the new Airport Terminal being advertised on the rear has now been constructed. Plus, Deane's Buslines is now Qcity Transit.

23 May - Irisbus #300 exits Tuggeranong Interchange (prior to it being referred to as a Bus Station in timetables) on Route 900, back when the destos used to show "Bus Stations" on all Belconnen services. 300 of course is now just a memory, too.

20 June - Mk I #758 on a short-working Route 2 at Dickson Shops in the closest thing some of the Renaults got to the 'new' livery (even though this was just an all-over-advertisement). All Route 2s from Dickson now go the full distance to Woden. Plus, all rigid Renaults are equipped with bike racks!

5 August - outside Daramalan College in Dickson are Renault artics #983 and #708 with Irisbus #309 in the middle. I do miss the presence of these old beasts!

22 August - stop #2232 on Eyre St, Kingston, used to feature this blade which was already way out of date at the time of the photo.

19 September - similarly, stop #3035 opposite the National Convention Centre Canberra featured this incredibly out of date sign at the time of the photo. Funnily enough, some of these route numbers have since been brought back to life.

12 November - MAN #398 on the last day of the REDEX 727. Seen here on Northbourne Ave, Lyneham, the bus stop bollard has already been updated to the Red Rapid (Route 200) branding to take place from the 15th.

12 November - this was also the last day for Route 5 services as far as Gungahlin, as operated here by Mk II #876 in the same location.

13 or 14 November (bad filing, sorry, and the metadata says it was in 2006!) - it's rare for Renaults to be seen on weekends these days, but it used to be a very common sight of course. Mk I #864 is almost complete on a Route 958 at Belconnen (in itself a memory), seen here at the temporary Cameron Avenue Bus Station, built to replace Belconnen Interchange while it was redeveloped. This and the Lathlain Street Bus Station were replaced on the 15th by Belconnen Community and Westfield Bus Stations respectively.

December - I do love the Mk Is, so here is one last photo - 789 rockets down Madigan St, Hackett.

Hope you've enjoyed these memories as much as I have had reliving them  :D


Thanks 743. Lovely photos and those stories that go with each photo could almost bring tears to my eye for no apparent reason. Probably because I wasn't catching buses at that time so I missed out on those good old days  :'(
This would make a nice historical record too, for when people are going through the archives in 50 years time when they're riding driver-less hover-buses to work. The younger generation at that time would be totally mind-blown when they see this  :D

King of Buses

Renault Artics!!!  ;D

Lovely photos though. Especially the one of 789 is great!

Buzz Killington

Great idea for a thread, 743.

I miss the Mk1 Renaults and Artics :(

Sylvan Loves Buses

Quote from: Buzz Killington on November 08, 2015, 06:32:11 PM
Great idea for a thread, 743.

I miss the Mk1 Renaults and Artics :(

ME TOO!!!!  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


Excellent photos 743

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Sir Pompously

Just to add to the Airliner Photo the route on the side features the very short lived A2 service that was usually run by a Piecart or the Merc O305 in Airliner livery; why the O305 was painted and used baffles me to this day but hell I wasn't complaining at the time to ride an O305 in Canberra