Various ACTION in the city area

Started by Sir Pompously, December 18, 2015, 11:59:55 PM

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Sir Pompously

Hey all,

Haven't posted up here for a while but I snapped some photos in early December, so here they are.

Scania K320UB BUS-553 is seen on Cooyong Street for driver training

Scania K320UB BUS-581 is seen on Alinga Street

MAN 18.320 BUS-433 is seen at City West

Scania K320UB BUS-564 is seen on Alinga Street

Scania L94UB CNG BUS-354 is seen on Rimmer Street at Marcus Clarke Street

And just to mix it up a little, a Q City Charter to Glebe Park

3683MO and 6631MO from Q City Transit are seen on a charter service to Glebe Park. Both are the same model (Volvo B7R) and the same body builder (P&D) however each features a different body style with 6631MO sporting the newer P&D front.


Great photos, I didn't know they put a 'L plate' on the desto for training  :popping:

Bus 503

The 553 photo is excellent and would have made a good Where Is It.

And it looks like the driver of Bus 581 is giving you a 👍. (Thumbs up)