2016 Multicultural Festival

Started by Barry Drive, February 03, 2016, 11:33:37 AM

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Barry Drive

As happened last year, the Multicultural Festival will be taking over the City Bus Station precinct.

Unlike last year, there will be a different temporary arrangement. Northbourne Ave stops 10 & 11 will keep their existing routes plus take platforms 8 and 9 from City. The remaining platforms will use London Circuit between East Row and Northbourne Ave (both sides)

And there will be Nightriders on Friday and Saturday. But no mention of Park & Ride shuttles.

Barry Drive

While there won't be Park & Ride shuttles, there will be supplementary 900 & 950 services on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the ACTION website, the 900s may only go to Woden, not Tuggeranong. (Which makes them a 300.)

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