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Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, August 16, 2016, 09:32:57 PM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

Hey guys, thought I might post this now.

A couple weeks ago, I bought myself my first ever camera, nothing too special, just a small, second hand, digital camera for taking photos of buses (and a few other things). The day after I bought it, I went on a taking-photos-spree, and took well over 40 photos in one day, unfortunately, my laptop which had all my images stored on it had died shortly after, and now I'm unable to retrieve the originals from there. Luckily though, I had private messaged one of the forum users here screenshots of them, so I can share those here with you now.

Yes, there's many that aren't that good, I would agree, but a few I thought were taken at good moments, but what do you think of them? (of what you can see).
(all of these were taken around the Tuggeranong Interchange/Homeworld/Depot area - on the day I was finishing my Tuggeranong Interchange drawing. The others were my trip to Woden/Phillip and home again afterwards)

Overall, these were my (imo) best photos of the day, sorry I can't show you them at the quality that they should've been. - the reason being that they were my favourites, are:
493 - was probably moving at 40kph when I took the shot, and somehow I managed to get a not-shaky shot that also got the number in it.
577 - Even though I don't like all the new developments all too much, the shot with the background I thought was pretty nice. I was actually sitting on my bike at the time I took that shot.

Now, onto the more recent shots.
I'll only show the ones I like the most, there's quite a few of them though, so just warning you now.
Apparently they're too big, so i'll post as many as I can on as many posts as I have to - rather do the 10 per post thing, but I can't, presently.

Most I have taken are either stationary, moving targets, multi-bus shots, and a couple I took while the bus was moving in one direction, as I was riding my bike in the other.

Sylvan Loves Buses

There you guys go, I fixed my photo sizes. Turns out I didn't need to redo anything, and also I used a program on my old Acer I had never used before, and it was so easy. Now I can fully share my photos with you guys properly!

Sylvan Loves Buses

Also, cause the pics are now 100 times smaller, I can add more (pretty much most of the ones I originally wanted to post, but couldn't originally)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Of course, now that I'm able to add most of my other photos, you will see the less quality/accurate ones

Sylvan Loves Buses

I would like some feedback on any improvements I could make to these shots, cause I would like to contribute somewhat to the gallery, but I'm pretty sure there's something that I would need to improve on, and there would be requirements.

Sylvan Loves Buses

I'll just add them in order so I don't get confused, so as you'll notice, the Terminus ones will appear above and below ::)

Sylvan Loves Buses

Last few from those outings.

Also, if any of these are gallery worthy as of now, let me know, and I'll re-add them with the copyright on them
I'll be in Fyshwick over the next week, so I'll be taking more shots soon!


If you want feedback, you really need to upload to display at a nice size, at the moment, we see thumbnails or massive pics that don't fit in the screen. Either edit the image size before attaching (using paint or even word), or upload them to an external photo hosting service (google photos etc.) and display them using the img tag with the url in between

Barry Drive

When posting photos where the bus cannot be readily identified - such as interior shots - it would help to actually state which particular bus the photo was of. Otherwise the photos cannot be used in the Gallery.