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Started by Busfanatic101, February 17, 2017, 10:45:13 PM

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There are quite a lot of buses sporting random desto toys, pointer hands on the roof, rearranged badges etc, and thought it might be interesting to summarise a list here.

I may create a list to update as more are reported, depending on interest.

To kick this off, yesterday 569 had what looked to be a Pikachu on the front blind rails.
974 also has a barbie doll equivalent on its roof.

King of Buses

- 943 has Superman on the roof.
- 921 has had the MACK badge rearranged as CAM.
- another PR100.2 has a mini soccer ball (on a spring so it bounces about) on the roof too.
- And artic (533?) has a dinosaur hiding in the rear desto box.

A fair few buses in the Tuggeranong fleet have some sort of weird unique quirky thing on/in it - a bit like how many Tuggeranong buses have names (whereas not many Belconnen ones do).

Bus 503

478 and 394 have all green fronts now (no orange lip) and 394 now carries a Veloporter rack.

Barry Drive

The list of all-green fronts has grown.

308 319
338 342 351 360 368
391 394 398 427 436 450 454 456 458
478 488
506 518 523 530
558 609 620

Updated: 6 September 2022

Barry Drive

427 is now a member of the green front club.

Barry Drive

More green fronts (usually due to accident damage):

450 454 506 530