Route 53 to Moncrieff

Started by King of Buses, June 05, 2018, 04:18:27 PM

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King of Buses

Unsure if this falls under Network 18 or Network 17 (given this is Network 17 still, but it's 2018  ??? ) but anyway, new routes 53 and 953 will commence next month linking Gungahlin, Amaroo and Moncrieff.

Barry Drive

Some bus stops on Horse Park Dr near Jacka would be useful.

Barry Drive

The new GTFS has been released to include Routes 53 & 953

It's worse than I'd imagined: 53 runs hourly - even during peak. Services operate from 0604 until 2104. Journey length is 40 minutes during peak and 37 off peak. All trips are shown as Wheelchair accessible.

So this suggests 4 part time shifts, each doing 4 trips unless other shifts have been altered.

On Saturdays (Route 953), first departure is at 0646 and there's 15 trips with the last at 2046. GTFS file suggests 4 shifts - one with 3 trips, 3 with 4 trips.

On Sundays (Route 953), first departure is at 0846 with 12 trips with the last at 1846. Possibly 3 shifts each with 4 trips.