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Started by Toyota Camry, July 29, 2018, 06:08:07 PM

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Toyota Camry

One of my colleagues in my offices commutes from Jerrabomberra; she tells me that the bus service there is too sparse to ever consider using.

I have observed the 835 timetable located on the QCity Transit website; and would like to nominate Jerrabomberra as the worst serviced suburb for public transport in the Canberra region.

If this suburb were located in the ACT, it would have a standard service of buses every 30 minutes during the week, and every 60 minutes on a weekend; but that is not the case. There are only two buses per day to Jerrabomberra on a Saturday; none on a Sunday. I believe this is the only suburb in the Canberra region that does not have a daily bus service.

It is time for the NSW Government to come forward and fund more Jerrabomberra buses, the community there is crying out for a service.


One person doesn't constitute the community crying out for a service, no doubt there will be quite a lot of school buses daily through the suburb and given Qcity's small fleet and low amount of route service buses, they can probably only offer a once a day each way service, which is no doubt sparsely used. That said if they ran a better service I'm sure more people might consider catching it, but again it probably also comes down to Qcity's budget and contract, I'm sure they're providing the minimum service that they're required to by their contract and it's up the government to step in and do something about it.

Given QBN's close proximity to Canberra it wouldn't go astray for them to have better services, and more extending to the Canberra city or connecting with the 830/831 during peak.

Toyota Camry

I have designed this new network for Queanbeyan; it is based on incorporating Queanbeyan into the new Transport Canberra network. I am proposing for the operation of these routes to be shared between Transport Canberra & Q City Transit; MyWay machines will need to be fitted to Q City Transit vehicles.

On weekends, I am proposing that Q City Transit take over full operation of routes 960 & 831; as they may have more drivers available.

R2 Fraser to Karabar
via Kippax, Belconnen, City, Barton, Fyshwick & Queanbeyan
Peak: Every 10 minutes
Off-peak: Every 15 minutes
Evenings: Every 30 minutes
Weekends: Every 30 minutes

60 Woden Bus Station to Queanbeyan Terminus
via Mawson, Farrer, Hume & Jerrabomberra
Peak: Every 20 minutes
Off-peak: Every 30 minutes

960 Woden Bus Station to Queanbeyan Terminus
via Mawson, Farrer Terminus & Jerrabomberra
Evenings: Every 60 minutes
Weekends: Every 60 minutes

831 Woden Bus Station to Jerrabomberra Shops
via Canberra Hospital, Narrabundah Lane, Fyshwick, Queanbeyan & Karabar
Peak: Every 30 minutes
Off-peak: Every 60 minutes
Evenings: Every 60 minutes
Weekends: Every 60 minutes

Due to the alteration of the 60 extending to Jerrabomberra & Queanbeyan; I have modified route 61. Route 960 runs through Farrer Terminus due to the low frequency of route 61 at those times; route 61 is a 7 day route.

61 Woden Bus Station to Farrer Terminus
Peak: Every 20 minutes
Off-peak: Every 30 minutes
Evenings: Every 60 minutes
Weekends: Every 120 minutes

Sylvan Loves Buses

As great as that would be, I think there's quite a few issues (including legal) that are why TC/ACTION buses haven't and won't be going to Queanbeyan or thereabouts.

Toyota Camry

Today I travelled on an R2 service to the Canberra Outlet Centre; below is my proposal to introduce a new joint venture rapid service to Queanbeyan and Karabar, which will require the rebuilding of the Fyshwick Park & Ride to allow for connections between services. This will be laid out as an island stop, similar to Woden Bus Station, allowing for passengers to walk quickly across from one bus to another.

R2 will be altered to operate in both directions via the Canberra Outlet Centre, commencing and terminating at the Fyshwick Park & Ride; there will be a new outbound stop built for the Canberra Outlet Centre. I am proposing no alteration to the R2 timetable, however all late night services will run the full route to the Fyshwick Park & Ride.

Buses will display the final destination of the connecting service along the entire run from Fraser; this means that buses will display "Karabar R2" or "Googong R2" as the final destination.

Route maps for these services are below; all trips are considered a guaranteed connection at the Fyshwick Park & Ride, NSW operated R2 services from Fyshwick to Karabar and Googong will depart as soon as all passengers have transferred from the arriving R2 from Fraser. R2 services to Fraser departing at Fyshwick Park & Ride will only depart when all passengers have transferred from the NSW operated R2 service; these will be held for late running.

R2 Karabar

R2 Googong

This service will align with R2 timetables; no services will not have a connection at Fyshwick, however only every 2nd bus will proceed to Googong, other buses will end at Karabar. Weekend services will operate every 30 minutes to Karabar, connecting with all R2 trips from Fraser, and will operate every 60 minutes to Googong until 12pm on Saturday, then every 2 hours for the remainder of the weekend; this is in line with weekend bus services provided in the ACT.

You will be able to board a NSW operated R2 service by showing your MyWay card to the driver, however if you are travelling entirely in NSW you will need to purchase a ticket from the driver, or use the "Opal" card that is on NSW buses.

Route 831 will be altered to operate between Woden and Queanbeyan via Fyshwick Park & Ride via Jerrabomberra, and will also accept MyWay cards for travel between Fyshwick Park & Ride and Jerrabomberra South; this is exclusively for Jerrabomberra passengers connecting from the R2 only. This service also connect with R2 services at the Fyshwick Park & Ride, for travel between Civic & Jerrabomberra; it will also provide a connection to NSW operated R2 buses at that point for a faster trip to Queanbeyan.

The map for this route is below; the proposed frequency for this service will be in line with standard Transport Canberra suburban routes, and will be entirely NSW operated. It will not go further into Fyshwick or via Narrabundah as does the present 831; you will need to change to route 56 at the Fyshwick Park & Ride.


Whilst we're at it I propose to introduce new peak hour only services between Tuggeranong Interchange and Queanbeyan Interchange.

Travelling towards Tuggeranong in AM peak and towards Queanbeyan in PM peak with 2 services operating daily in each direction serviced by Qcity and only accepting cash tickets or Qcity travel card, this will be known as the 840.