Drawing #57 - Due 4th July

Started by Sylvan Loves Buses, June 22, 2020, 10:20:23 PM

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Sylvan Loves Buses

Now to see if those of us who live in Gungahlin actually know their area as much as they say they do.

Conditions refresher.

Stan butler

I can't see any picture

PS when did yo move to gungahlin?  I thought you were "a southerner"

Sylvan Loves Buses


Perhaps I wrote that a little funny, no I still reside in Nappy Valley.

Stan butler

Still can't see the image - even after clicking on the link.

Oh well.

BTW - maybe tuggers should change the name from "nappy valley" considering all the children of the young families that moved there 20 years have now grown up.    Maybe tuggers should now be called "hoon valley" - due to all the p plates and wanna be race car drivers located there. 😀

Sylvan Loves Buses

Try this link then https://prnt.sc/t4x2w7, otherwise you should maybe clear your browser cache or something, you shouldn't not be able to see these images. Can't upload images directly from my computer on the updated forum layout so screenies are all I can do.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Use by the current network and a couple of school runs. It's one of those stops that wouldn't surprise me if they stopped using, although I'm sure there'd be some uproar if they did.

Sylvan Loves Buses

2 of the usual garbage seats either side at this location. Stop resides on a slope.

The detail put into even just the birdseye view of the area required me to return a second time to finish it due to the allocation of a specific P2 I refused to miss (both times) - clue given on one of my recent mentioned outings (for those paying attention).


Stops 5994 and 5995, "Galmarra St after Paul Coe"

Sylvan Loves Buses

What gave it away, the slope part ;D ?

Sylvan Loves Buses

Here's hoping this gets the message through to that person who needs 'convincing' that the now rightful owner of 967 actually does own it. I mean come on, was there ever any doubt? (maybe a little).

At least I did a better job of the bench this time, that last one was ghastly.
Round #56 album link.