Qantas outsourcing ground staff

Started by Toyota Camry, August 26, 2020, 10:45:40 PM

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Toyota Camry

It appears that Qantas have made a disgusting decision to terminate all of their baggage handling & ground service crews, with this work to be outsourced to the lowest tenderer; this is something that airports such as Canberra Airport should be taking a stand to, and refusing to allow Qantas to fly there without employing their own ground staff.

The most likely situation is that these staff will be forced to apply for JobSeeker Allowance in the near future when their job is terminated; some may be re-hired by an external company when flying resumes.

For some years, Virgin Australia has kept a dirty secret in that they do not employ their own ground crews at Canberra Airport, unlike how they do in larger cities; all ground staff including the check-in attendants work for "Swisspork".


Very few airlines in the world have their own ground staff. I'm surprised Qantas didn't do this years ago.

As for the airports it's none of their business as to whether Qantas or Virgin uses an outsourced company so long as that company is accredited to operate at the airport.


As a former (by one day) employee of Qantas I find this to be totally disgusting. Not only is it wrong to out source jobs for a lower wage to companies renowned for dodgy practices such as Swissport (formerly Aerocare), the fact that Qantas has claimed JobKeeper for their employees which is a payment designed to ensure staff stay linked to their employer, then turned around and effectively sacked 2500 of those employees....