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Started by Barry Drive, January 05, 2018, 11:05:01 AM

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Barry Drive

No media release yet, but the new legislative instrument ("determination") has been signed by the minister and posted to the internet.

The new fares are -

Single trip $4.90 Adult, $2.40 Concession/Student
Daily $9.40 Adult, $4.70 Concession/Student

Peak - single $3.14 Adult, $1.57 Concession + Student
Off peak - single $2.49 Adult, $0.87 Concession, $1.57 Student
School Day - $1.19 primary/secondary student, $1.57 tertiary student
Weekend Daily cap - $5.73 Adult, $2.12 Concession + Student

Barry Drive

Barry Drive

Bus400 has alerted me to the fact that the new fare schedule was tabled in the Legislative Assembly this week. All MyWay fares will go up by exactly 2.5%.

New fares will take effect on Saturday 5 January 2019. They are as follows -


Adult       Concession
Single trip       $5.00$2.50


Adult      Concession    School       Tertiary
Off peak$2.55$0.89$1.61$1.61
School Day$1.22$1.61
Weekend Daily cap    $5.87$2.17$2.17$2.17

Since the determination sets only the maximum fare, the concession off-peak fare and City Loop can still be free of charge at Transport Canberra's discretion.

Sylvan Loves Buses

Again?! Well at least this time it'll be easier to remember the values for the cash fares.


Any chance of Barry Drive working out the MyWay fares inclusive of the BPAY Discount? :)

Barry Drive

By this time last year, the new fare determination had been published.

As there has been nothing yet this year, I would assume there won't be a fare rise in early January 2020.

Barry Drive

Checked the legislation register. No new fare determination.

So no fare rises in January 2022.