26 Scanias: 2022-23

Started by Barry Drive, October 24, 2022, 10:11:19 AM

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Barry Drive

Topic for reporting sightings and similar for the 26 new leased Scania K320UBs

Barry Drive

Since, apparently, no one else wants to mention it: we have a sighting of a new Scania.

There was a new Bustech Scania seen at Tuggeranong Depot this week: Bus 722.

The contract has not been updated, so there is no revised delivery schedule available. The last schedule had buses arriving approximately every 5 days - with gaps in between. I would expect their goal would be around 3 buses every 2 weeks - that will make the final delivery due in early June.


Wondered what would show up if BUS722 was entered into ACT rego search. Expected nothing if not yet registered, but guess what, the 9yr plus retired Renault 722 showed up noted not registered. On reflection, not surprising as the registration history of a vehicle would need to be retained.