Brand New! Route 76

Started by Irisbus Rider, September 20, 2008, 07:51:21 PM

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Irisbus Rider

A new route, known as the 76 will commence on Monday 29th September.

It services the retirement villages neglected by Network '08, and go via Canberra Hospital.

Looks good, and an extra route to gunzel :P

Services are a bit sparse though.

More info, a link to ACTIONs website -

I'm excited! :P


sounds good whens the the service to DFO coming?

Irisbus Rider

Was one supposed to happen?

Maybe Deanes could erect a stop on Canberra Av, so Queanbeyan commuters can access it?


i think there should be there is spaced reserved near the entrence for a bus stop i noticed it when i went on friday

Irisbus Rider

Ah, ok. It'd be stupid to divert the 8, the timing is already way too tight, and the run already takes longer than an Intertown!

But they probably will divert the 8.


They may create a whole new service, but an extension of the 8 is the most likely solution.

Sir Pompously

They should run the 88 from Woden Interchange, DFO, Alexander Machonochie Centre, Woden Interchange on a loop. That way they can get arrested at DFO for shoplifting, hop on the bus straight to jail, and then when they get out they can head back to their home base of Woden.

Irisbus Rider

Ha ha, genuis! We need more people like you working at ACTION! :P